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The Bounty Hunt at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Past Events:

San Diego Rocket Race:

- 2016 2015 2014
- 2013 - 2012 - 2011 
- 2010 - 2009 - 2008
- 2007 - 2006

University City Photo Race (July 4 at UC Celebration):
- 2016
 - 2015 -2014  
2013 - 2012  
- 2011 - 2010  
- 2009 - 2008

Other events:

4.16-19.2015 - The Bounty Hunt at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

6.26-28.2013 - The Bounty Hunt: Wanted by Jabba at Star Wars Celebration Europe (Essen)

8.23-26.2012 - The Bounty Hunt at Star Wars Celebration VI (Orlando)

4.30.2011 - DASH 3 - San Diego

8.12-15.2010 - The Bounty Hunt at Star Wars Celebration V (Orlando)

5.23.2009 - UCSD Photo Race

2.28.2009 - The Greatest ConDorian Hero at ConDor XVI (San Diego)

7.24.2008 - San Diego Supercolossal Fan Race

3.1.2008 - Death Race 2008 at ConDor XV (San Diego)

5.28.2007 - The Kessel Run at Star Wars Celebration IV (Los Angeles)

3.3.2007 - Wizard's Quest at ConDor XIV (San Diego)

The Bounty Hunt at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 logo

The Bounty Hunt series of puzzle races is coming to Star Wars Celebration Orlando in 2017 for three events - Thursday, April 13; Friday, April 14; and Sunday, April 16. Learn more about the races... 

San Diego Rocket Race 2016: The Reboot Strikes Back! 

The 2016 Rocket Race was held on Saturday, October 15, 2016. Teams of two to four faced cunning clues as they race around the San Diego area, by car and on foot. The theme for 2016 was "The Reboot Strikes Back to the Future Into Darkness Awakens Beyond: Civil War of Justice" 

Learn more about the 2016 Rocket Race!

What is Rocket Race?

Our annual flagship event, Rocket Race is a day adventure for teams of two to four around the city, using their skills of puzzle solving, navigation, and science fiction trivia. Traveling on foot and in cars, teams use any resources at their disposal to solve the clue that will lead them to the next checkpoint, where they will receive another clue.

Our other public events involve similar challenges: solving clues and finding a location that fits the answer. Photo hunts have a different format - teams get all their clues at the beginning, and must photograph themselves at the locations they think are the correct solutions to the clues. Race formats can vary to include being on foot only, or allowing transit, or driving around the area in private cars.

Want a fun event for your company or group?

Rocket Race can design fun custom puzzle events for your organization. Contact us to bring a unique and exciting adventure to your corporate team-building session, club outing, conference, family reunion or birthday party. We work with our clients to build a race or challenge that fits their interests and level of difficulty. Big or small, we can make an event that will be fun and out of the ordinary.

Learn more about special events...

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