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The Bounty Hunt at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

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About the Bounty Hunt:

Come play in the ultimate challenge for Star Wars fans at Star Wars Celebration Orlando! Put your skills to the test as you compete against the clock and your fellow fans in a clue-solving free-for-all to find bounties! As a team of two to four bounty hunters, you’re going to need a quick draw, quick wits and be quick on your feet as you’ll be solving Star Wars puzzles, following clues, searching the convention center, and having a blast. If you think you’re as good as Boba Fett, Aurra Sing, or Bossk, the Bounty Hunters Guild is looking for the smartest and quickest trackers at Star Wars Celebration Orlando to compete in one of the Bounty Hunt challenges. Will you and your friends be counted among the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunters?

Three different Bounty Hunt competitions will be offered at Celebration Orlando: Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Teams of two to four will compete to rack up bounties in each two-hour event by solving clues and puzzles and searching the Celebration grounds for their quarry. The Sunday Bounty Hunt challenge is specifically aimed towards teams with children, while the Thursday and Friday competitions will be tougher!

The Bounty Hunt is open to all Celebration Orlando attendees, but spots are limited to 100 teams per race. Bounty hunter teams must have at least two members, and no more than four members. There will be three different Bounty Hunt challenges:
  • Thursday (3:00 pm to 5:00 pm)
  • Friday (5:00 pm to 7:00 pm)
  • Sunday (11:30 am to 1:30 pm) - Bounty Hunt for Kids!


Registration for the Bounty Hunt can be done online by April 7 or at the convention, on the day of the event at the Bounty Hunt registration booth outside W303 in the Orange County Convention Center (Level III). Teams that register in advance online will be required to check in at the booth prior to that day’s event to confirm their team’s participation or lose their slot in the event. All teams, whether they register online or at the convention will need to fill out waivers prior to the race. Teams may compete in multiple races but they can register in advance for only one race. Registration booth opens two hours before the race start time!

The Bounty Hunt: 

At the start of the race, each team will receive a race scorecard and an initial set of clues. When a clue is properly solved, it will direct the team to a location on the convention grounds where the team will be given a stamp in their scorecard from their bounty target. Solving clues and earning the stamp might involve some Star Wars trivia, cracking a Resistance code, solving a Sith puzzle, or even being able to show your skill lobbing thermal detonators or sketching Star Wars characters. Targets might have different amounts of credits on their head based on difficulty. The entire team must be present to receive the stamp. 

After finishing their first set of clues, the team must return to the Bounty Hunter Guild headquarters to earn their credits for the successful bounties hunted and then pick up their next set of clues. These clues will lead the team to new target locations, where their scorecard will be stamped again for these new targets. After all targets have been found, or as the two hour time limit draws near, teams will return to the finish line at the Bounty Hunter Guild headquarters to confirm their final score. 

Teams are free to use any resources at their disposal in solving the clues, including cell phones, reference books, holocrons, Internet-capable devices, the will of the Force, etc. Traveling in the race may only be done on foot – no podracers, bicycles, tauntauns, skates, carts or other forms of personal transportation are allowed (except for strollers for young children and wheelchairs for those requiring mobility assistance). Teams may consult with outside individuals or other teams, but no harassing other teams, race staff or non-participants through physical, verbal or Force-powered means -- no disintegrations!

While the first round of clues might be considered easy and fun for the casual fan or the family playing as a team of bounty hunters, the later rounds of clues will increase in difficulty level but also will be worth more credits. When a team reaches the finish line, their team name, final amount of credits earned, and finishing time shall be recorded. In each competition, the team with the most credits earned and the fastest time shall be crowned the Bounty Hunt champions of the day. Prizes will be awarded to the top five teams in each event.

Good luck and good hunting!

James Floyd,
Apr 8, 2017, 8:52 PM