The Bounty Hunt

The Bounty Hunt series of events was held at Star Wars Celebration V, a Star Wars convention being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on Aug. 12-15, 2010. Each race was a competition to solve clues and rack up the most credits from finding bounty targets in a two hour period.

Each race had a different theme:
  • The Prequel Trilogy:
    Thursday - 2 PM to 4 PM
    84 official teams: 245 participants

  • The Original Trilogy:
    Friday - 2 PM to 4 PM
    99 official teams: 264 participants

  • The Clone Wars:
    Sunday - 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM
    88 official teams: 245 participants

The top 5 winners from each race:


  1. The Bothan Spies (Warren, Erica, Jeff & Kevin) - 55,000 credits
  2. Scruffy Nerf Herders (Scott & Ellen) - 50,000 credits
  3. Our First Kettch of the Day (Tom, David, Regina & Pete) - 42,500 credits
  4. Max Rebo Jazz Odyssey (Michael, Amy, Sarah & Jenny) - 40,000 credits
  5. Geeks Who Drink (Laura & Adam) - 37,5000 credits
Twelve teams tied for sixth place at 32,500. See the clues and full results here...
Check out the photo album for the Thursday race on flickr
or watch a video snippet of the Thursday race on YouTube


  1. Sithilis (Tyler, Sara & Jon) - 90,000 credits
  2. Obsidian Order (Whitney, Derek, William & Casey) - 75,000 credits
  3. Scruffy Nerf Herders (Scott & Ellen) - 70,000 credits (back again from Thursday)
  4. No Name Niceville Hunters (Michael & Greg) - 65,000 credits
  5. Clan Kelborn (Tyler, Kevin & Allison) - 62,500 credits
See the clues and full results here...
Check out the photo album for the Friday race on flickr
or watch a video snippet of the Friday race on YouTube.


  1. Boba and the Fetts (Sarah, Thomas, Michael & Amy) - 70,000 credits
  2. A tie at 65,000 credits:
    The Outlanders (Pedro, Flavien & Sylvius)
    Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders (Aaron & Geoff)
  3. Deathwatch (Dylan, John & Jayme) - 55,000 credits
  4. Team Cinncinati (Neil, Gabe & Lisa) - 52,500 credits
  5. Team Downriver (Jeffrey, John & Jeff) - 50,000 credits

See the clues and full results here...
Check out the photo album for the Sunday race on flickr
or watch a video snippet of the Sunday race on YouTube.

Big Thanks to:

The Bounty Hunt could not have been such a huge success without the help of our sponsors and race volunteers! We really appreciated all the support from Lucasfilm Ltd. and Reed Exhibitions for making The Bounty Hunt happen and providing great prizes. Additional awesome prizes came from Del Rey Books and DK Publishing, both publishers of fine Star Wars titles, and from Advanced Graphics, makers of our target practice target (and later prize) cardboard stormtrooper.

Also, enormous gratitude is due to our race volunteers, especially Laura G., our assistant race director for all three races, and members of Chicago Force and the Celebration V volunteer squad who helped serve as the bounty targets around the convention center and help at the finish line.

How the Bounty Hunt was played:

At the start of each race, each team was given a scoresheet and a packet of clues. The scoresheet also had a list of character names as potential bounty targets, with corresponding locations in the Orange County Convention Center. When each clue was solved, it would reveal the identity of a bounty target, and the team could look up that character on their list, to see where in the convention center to find their target. At that location, a race volunteer would stamp the team's scorecard for having completed that bounty. Earning some of the bounties might have also involved an extra task such as tossing "thermal detonator" beanbags into an exhaust port, using Nerf blasters to hit a stormtrooper target, or playing sabacc against their quarry.

Bounties were assigned credit amounts based on their difficulty, ranging from 2,500 for the easiest clues to 20,000 for the most difficult. Teams had to earn as many credits as possible in the two-hour timeframe, banking their credits as they reached the finish line. Second and third packets of bounty clues became available to teams who had successfully earned 4 and 6 bounties, respectively.

Did you compete in The Bounty Hunt?

We'd love to share your bounty hunting experience and your photos or video. Send us a line at and we'll link to your blog, photos or video. Or if you recognize yourself in our photos, send us your team name and we can include it in the photo albums! Got feedback about the race - we'd love to hear it!

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