DASH 3 Results

Congratulations to all the teams who came out for DASH 3 in San Diego on April 30, 2011. It was our first time hosting this type of puzzle hunt in San Diego, and we hope that you had a wonderful time on Saturday in Balboa Park. We were impressed that the seven teams who came out were sharp cookies who made it all the way to the end, especially those who were competing in their very first puzzle hunt events. While there were only seven teams in America's Finest City, over 330 teams played overall in the 12 cities across the US.

Check out some photos:

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The final standings in San Diego:
  1. The Wolfpack: 341.5 - earned 3 bonuses, fastest solvers on Rapunzel!
  2. Smash and Dash: 337.5 - earned 1 bonus, fastest solvers on The Musicians of Bremen!
  3. The Puzzle Ninjas: 335.5 - earned 1 bonus, fastest solvers for Jack and the Beanstalk, and only team to solve Rumpelstiltskin without a hint!
  4. Ludicrous Speed: 331.0 - 1 bonus, and the only team to solve Three Little Pigs without a hint!
  5. Sister Act: 297.5 (no Meta) - 3 bonuses, and had the highest score coming into the meta puzzle at the end!
  6. They Who Shall Not be Named (or Just Are Not Yet Named...): 295.5 (skipped Jack and the Beanstalk, worth 35 points for full solve)  - survived the most team member attrition but kept on going through the end!
  7. Magellan: 284.0 (no Meta) - 1 bonus: the biggest bonus of the day: 11 points for their fastest solve on Cinderella!
Since the puzzle hunt did end up going longer than we had anticipated, two teams had to leave without solving the meta - if they had the time, they would have likely earned 54 points if they took hints (in the end, all the remaining teams ended up taking a hint or two on the meta, though the Puzzle Ninjas managed to get the farthest into the tower without needing a hint!)

Just to compare, if a team took a hint on all 8 basic puzzles and the meta puzzle at the end they would earn 90% point value: 324 points.

Twitter picture puzzle:
At least two of the teams figured out the answer to the San Diego twitter picture puzzle and tweeted off a photo at the Alcazar Garden!

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