DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt) is a puzzle hunt event which takes place on the same day in multiple cities across the United States. Creating the hunt has been a collaborative effort. Each city contributed one clue to the event, and each event will use all the clues from the contributing cities. In other words, the clues for each city's hunt will be the same, only the locations will be different.

Check out the results from DASH3!

This is San Diego's first time hosting a DASH event and San Diego Rocket Race is proud to be serving as Game Control for the San Diego hunt.

Check out this article from Wired Magazine about the 2011 DASH!

Event details:
DASH 3 will be on Saturday, April 30, 2011.
Starting time: 10 AM
Starting location will be emailed to all registered teams.
There will be slots for 15 teams maximum.
Registration will be handled through the main DASH site:

What is a puzzle hunt?
A puzzle hunt (or "treasure hunt" or "puzzle adventure") is a fun, interactive event in which teams of players race to find and solve creative puzzles hidden in different locations.

Will DASH really be the same event in all ten cities?

Though players in different cities will not visit the same locations, all players in all cities will be able to see the same set of puzzles.

How is it different from the Rocket Race?
DASH is a puzzle challenge, with an emphasis on solving puzzles. There's no driving, but there will be some travel on foot. However, the final scores are determined by time spent solving the clues, and not time spent traveling from one location to another (in order to make it fair between every city hosting DASH).

What the difficulty level of the puzzles?
Think of some of the more challenging clues from Rocket Race, with the directions removed. Maybe multiply that by two.  But, not as hard as in "The Game". You can see the puzzles from the 2009 DASH. Each puzzle will have a par time to beat.

What if it is too hard?
There will be a generous hint system available for those who are stumped.  "NO TEAM LEFT BEHIND"

How long will it take?
A few hours to all day.

Is it competitive? 
Only if you want it to be.  Whether or not you take advantage of the scoring system, you're never on the clock between clue sites regardless.

Will I need a car?
No. All locations will be accessible on foot.

What supplies and equipment will we need?

For traveling--
    * Comfortable walking shoes
    * Maps
    * Bottled water
    * Snacks

For puzzle solving--
    * Paper
    * Pencils
    * Clipboards
    * Scissors
    * Tape

How many people should be on my team?
2 to 6. 4 is a good number, while 3 to 5 is the average size.

What other cities will be hosting DASH?
Ann Arbor, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Davis, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, Seattle, Washington DC

Team entry fee is $40. Entry spaces in the San Diego event is limited to 15 teams.

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