Death Race 2008

at ConDor XV - March 3, 2008 

Cheating Death? 

Using the convention's theme of "Death and Beyond", Rocket Race returned to ConDor XV for its second year with the puzzle race, Death Race 2008!

Death Race 2008 came alive at ConDor with teams roaming around the Handlery Resort hotel and convention area searching for clue checkpoints. Rocket Race assembled a lethal assortment of clues, and two teams were brave enough to race for their lives - and survived to tell the tale. The Womprat Stompers managed to decode ancient hieroglyphics and eat brains like a zombie to come in first place, while Team Dead Tom searched high and low for a tombstone to guide them to their final destination. At the finish line, both teams squared off against Death in an all-or-nothing game of Clue. 

Miss out on all the crazy clues and challenges?  Rocket Race will be back at ConDor next year with a new challenge!

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