The Greatest Condorian Hero

at ConDor XVI, February 28, 2009

"Believe it or not -- you're walking the Con. You never thought you could feel so free. Solving some clues on a wing and a prayer. Who could it be? Believe it or not, it's just you - and a teammate."

"The Greatest ConDorian Hero" challenge enlisted convention attendees in a chance to prove themselves mighty heroes of 2009 ConDor, San Diego's longest running science fiction and fantasy convention. With keen wits and some use of superpowers, several individuals and teams passed the challenge by solving clues relying on solving puzzles and knowing their heroes and villains, These champions earned ConDor bucks and the most elusive stamp for the ConDor Passport. Here is the list of those added to the Hall of Heroes for their astounding feats in the Greatest ConDorian Hero on Saturday:

  • Eric P Scott
  • Rachael Linker
  • Amber, Jason and Mary-Ann Miller
  • Mac, Andy, and Leslie McEuen
  • The Womprat Stompers: Colleen Burks & Ben Mack
  • The Gimp Squad: Chandra Visser and Stan Watson
  • Andrea McCall
  • Kasey Lind

Several of these heroes showed their might by helping other teams solve the clues to identify some different heroes, villains, and regular folk in the clues: Dwight Shrute, Aquaman, Scarecrow and Xena. Thanks to all who participated!

Take the Hero's Quest at ConDor!

Heroes wanted to compete in an action-packed challenge of brains, guts, and a little walking! This year's scavenger hunt challenge "The Greatest ConDorian Hero" is going to be action-packed - yet now more convenient for ConDor attendees than ever. Rather than having a single timed race and miss some exciting panel, the hunt is on all day: start and stop at your leisure, play in your downtime between panels and other programmed events, and earn some ConDor bucks for solving all the clues in this hero's journey. Teams of two or more will be playing by solving clues based on trivia and puzzles to lead them around the convention grounds.

The game will be played on Saturday, February 28 between 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM. Simply show up at our table in the Casual Games area of the Dealer's Room to register and receive your team's first clue. Solve the clue at your own convenience, and return to get your second clue. Keep solving clues until you've completed the path of the hero. Solve clues as you have time throughout the day - just be done by 3:30 pm to earn your hero's reward! 

How to play:

Upon signing up, a team will receive clue packet. The clue might direct the team to a secret location on the convention grounds that will help them solve the clue. Once the answer to the clue has been found, the team will return to the game HQ with their clue solution, and receive their next clue. The game will have four clues, covering a variety of heroic trivia topics and puzzles.

Teams are free to use any resources at their disposal, including cell phones, superpowers, internet-capable devices, consulting with arch-nemeses, etc. in solving the clues. Teams are allowed to travel by any means possible, although the entire course can be covered on foot. Teams may consult with outside individuals or other teams, but no harassing other teams through physical, verbal or other means! If a team is stumped by a puzzle or clue, they may consult with the race staff for a hint.

When a team solves their final clue and returns to the game headquarters to earn their fabulous prizes and join the coveted ranks of the Greatest ConDorian Heroes! Just be back before 3:30 PM - after that, and it's too late to save the day!

About ConDor:

ConDor XVI is being held February 27 - March 1 at the Handlery Hotel and Resort in Mission Valley. The theme of this year's ConDor is "Heroes and Villains" with special guest of honor, author Todd McCaffrey. Learn more about ConDor at their website:

Participation in "The Greatest ConDorian Hero" requires all team members to have valid ConDor convention admission for the day of the game. 

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