The Kessel Run

held May 28, 2007 at Star Wars Celebration IV

Los Angeles Convention Center

Congratulations to our winning teams in the Kessel Run and to all participants in the race at Star Wars Celebration IV!

At Celebration IV, would-be smugglers and Jedi joined forces to compete in the Kessel Run, a race of quick wits and speed around the Los Angeles Convention Center on Monday, May 28, 2007. Almost eighty teams of two to four solved clues based on puzzles and Star Wars trivia to reveal the name of their next contact, who, when found, would stamp their race passport and give them their next clue. With three difficulty levels to choose from, racers ranged from younglings to seasoned Jedi Masters. Several teams were made up of Star Wars fans who banded together from online forums for this race, having never met in person. Other teams represented different fan groups from around the world, such as or or various chapters of FanForce .

Teams that successfully completed the Kessel Run used their brains on a variety of subjects such as naming the wildlife of Naboo, identifying Imperial ships and members of the Rebel Alliance, and decoding a message hidden in Boba Fett’s lines. The top teams in each division earned fabulous prizes graciously donated by Lucasfilm, Dark Horse Comics, and WizKids.






Here are the top Kessel Run finishers in each division:

Jedi Padawan (easy level) - download the clues here (PDF)

  1. Richard, Angie, Riley & Valin Smigelski
  2. Bob & Lucas Huff, Josh Hall
  3. Greg, Jaime, Hailey & Jordan MacLean
  4. John & Austin Purmort, Ross McCann
  5. Tristan & David Baker

Jedi Knight (medium level) - download the clues here (PDF)

  1. Tom & Paul Stewart
  2. Tiffany Topper & David Ewing
  3. Kevin Liell & Pedro Jorbex
  4. Brian Tucker & Scot Krueger
  5. Amy Bonato, Maricela Garcia, & Jeff Schiffman

Jedi Master (hard level) - download the clues here (PDF)

  1. Jana MacInnis, Ben Wallace, Sandra Galeana, & Jonathan Campbell
  2. Mike Lund, Bryan Lee, Matt Gibb & Larry Ross
  3. Scott Simpson, CJ Evans, Frank Lamberti, Melinda Miller
  4. Jeffrey Clark, Rob Rodger, Jason Fritch & Dan Steele
  5. Jay Shepard, Jason Swank, Pete Nadel, Dustin Roberts

The Kessel Run race was organized by Dan Hamman and James Floyd of the San Diego Rocket Race and was made a success by their team of enthusiastic volunteers and playtesters. The next Rocket Race, a sci-fi themed puzzle challenge around San Diego, is scheduled for November 3, 2007.

Congratulations to all the teams that successfully completed the Kessel Run – the Millenium Falcon now has some competition!

Coverage of the Kessel Run:

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