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Rocket Race 2011 Results

The 2011 San Diego Rocket Race had eleven teams participating in an adventure to stop the "Galaxy's Most Wanted". In the first half of the challenge, teams had to solve a series of five puzzles that led them from Mira Mesa to Scripps Ranch to Rancho Penasquitos while chasing several notorious villains. In the second half of the challenge, teams used their remaining time to track down nine locations in a photo scavenger hunt from Black Mountain to Poway and ending at Escondido. At the finish line, teams had to face one final test: to identify the evildoer behind the scheme to release the Galaxy's Most Wanted. In the end, nine of the teams successfully solved the final puzzle.

Final race results:

Deep Space Niners

Team Name # of photo
checkpoints completed
(out of nine)
Adjusted final time
1. Deep Space Niners 9 6:33
2. The Once & Future Beckers 9 7:13
3. Ludicrous Speed 9 7:18
4. Team T.A.R.D.I.S. 9 7:34
5. Team Smoke Monster 9 8:00
6. Just Us League 9 8:41
7. Return of the Big Bang 7 8:36
8. Big Damn Heroes 5 8:06
9. Team Awesome 0 8:39
10. Whale's Vagina 5 ---
11. Men in Black Hats 6 ---

Clue examples:

Just Us League

Here's a couple of the Photo Scavenger Hunt clues:

1. While flying over here, you fell asleep and had a dream that you were at the home of the New York Highlanders, exactly a century ago. When you were kicked out of your dream, you found yourself at this place of the same name not far from the lunch stop (Deli Stop Sports Pub, Rancho Penasquitos), but are you still dreaming? Was someone trying to plant a suggestion in your subconscious? Though the nearest street sounds like the Spanish word for "I forget", find your totem - it's something that won't forget you, or else you'll end up in Limbo.

2. Here lies the final resting place of Gorignak (or at least part of him). Rumor has it that Sarris was trying to reassemble him - get your team's picture with part of Gorignak in the background to prove he's still there. You'll find him at the corner of a green park, at the intersection of a green street and [Red Planet Robby's 1997 movie] + [He formed the supervillain group "The Trio" with Warren and Jonathan] drive.

3. Do ou know nyone ho doesn't like a mirrr? Probably theyre a vamire.
Are you oing to fid one n your idst? O find yur riendly nacissistic opposit from a arallel universe.
Don a moutache or a goaee and catch your eflection in the glss windows of this place.
ou find the nser yet? You ca serch this line back and forh all you wsh for a sreet.

Online Photos and Video:

Big Damn Heroes

Check out the official photo album from the 2011 San Diego Rocket Race on Flickr! (Got your own Flickr album of Rocket Race shots? Use the tag sandiegorocketrace).

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