Rocket Race 2006

San Diego 

Rocket Race 2006 was a blast! 11 teams came out for the inaugural race and 8 teams were cunning and quick enough to finish the race before the deadline. Teams traveled around San Diego, starting in Balboa Park and finishing in Mission Beach, using their knowledge of science fiction and some puzzle solving skills. 

Here are the Rocket Race 2006 clues (PDF) .

Here's how the finishers ranked (times exclude the mandatory 1-hour lunch break):

1st: Deep Space Niners - with a final time 3 hours, 3 minutes
2nd: The Ruttin' Fools - 3:39 (including a 15 min penalty)
3rd: Ludicrous Speed - 3:42
4th: SoCalBrowncoatexpealidocious - 4:09
5th: The Two Daves - 4:39
6th: Cylon and Garfunkel - 5:02
7th: Shiny Happy People - 5:22
8th: Womp Rat Stompers - 5:57

Great job to everyone who found the finish line at the Green Flash!
I've put together a photo album from the race here:

Thanks also to our Rocket Race volunteers, who helped distribute clues at the various locations:

  • Sam and Linda at Mysterious Galaxy Books (
  • Whitney, Christine, & Debby

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