Rocket Race 2007

San Diego

The 2007 San Diego Rocket Race was held on Saturday, November 10th, 2007.

"TIME WARP!" was the race theme for 2007. Ten crews of racers got out their time machines to see who could get to the finish line first*.

Race results:

All ten teams found the finish line outside the San Diego Museum of Natural History in Balboa Park, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition.


Here's how the teams finished:

  1. Ludicrous Speed  - Final time: 4h 33m 12s
  2. Deep Space Niners  - 5h 3m 55s
  3. Womp Rat Stompers  - 5h 11m 45s
  4. Grignak and the Blue Pill Dilemma - 5h 31m 10s
  5. Capricorn Catastrophe - 5h 41m 18s
  6. Solvers of Discord - 5h 50 m 18s
  7. Xur and the Kodan Armada - 5h 52m 28s
  8. Team BuZy BeeS - 5h 59m 10s
  9. The Redcoats - 6h 0m 27s
  10. Team Totally Rad Show - 6h 43m 30s

Times include the mandatory one hour lunch break. 

Thanks to our prize sponsors: 

Starting location:


 The Green Flash - sculpture at the west end of Ventura Place (at the westernmost end of West Mission Bay Drive, next to Belmont Park and the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster). If you need a map, go here. It turned out that our starting place and time was some sort of temporal nexus - not only was the Time Warp starting here, but also we got flashmobbed by a group of geocachers, and were on the walking route for the San Diego Breast Cancer 3 Day. The Green Flash is a popular spot!

The Clues:

  • Clue 1 (pdf) came in a packet with three future clues with instructions not to open them until told to do so: one from Future Hiro Nakamura (pdf), one from Alternate Jack O'Neill (pdf) and one from the Once and Future King (pdf).
  • Clue 2 (pdf
  • Clue 3 (pdf
  • Clue 4 (pdf)
  • Clue 5 (pdf
  • Clue 6 (pdf
  • Clue 7 (pdf
  • Clue 8 (pdf)

Race photos, video and links:

Team Totally Rad Show features their Rocket Race experience in episode 37: Deadly Discs (Part I at 16:36-21:30 and Part II at 40:29-46:53).

Debby's flickr album of the starting line, the checkpoint outside the County Building, and the finish line. 

James (The Redcoats) has his flickr album of the race. 

Chip (checkpoint volunteer) has photos from his checkpoint and from the finish line.

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