Rocket Race 2008

San Diego

San Diego Rocket Race:
Saturday, November 8, 2008
9:00 am
Balboa Park, San Diego

With the theme of ALIEN INVASION, racers had some out-of-this-world fun! Twelve teams competed against each other for glory, bragging rights, and prizes. This year, a brand new team to Rocket Race sped past some last year's winners to claim the first place prize of $100, with a time under five hours. Second place was awarded $30, and third place ended up with a bucket of aliens!

At the starting line...

Here's the final results:

  1. Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny - 4:54:31
  2. Semi-Ludicrous Speed - 5:07:21
  3. Wonderflonium Bouncers - 5:48:49
  4. Xur and the Kodan Armada - 5:56:45
  5. Deep Space Niners - 6:02:11 (includes 20 minutes of penalty)
  6. Redcoats - 6:05:21
  7. Reaver Rejects - 6:34:04
  8. The Modal Nodes - 6:40:15 (includes 5 minutes of penalty)
  9. Womp Rat Stompers - 7:03:42
  10. Rogue Squadron - 7:41:45
  11. Area 51 Test Tube Babies - 7:54:47
  12. Zoinks & the Jinkies (Bearded Dave) - 8:15:56 (includes 5 minutes of penalty)

Congratulations to all the teams, who successfully finished a challenging and fun adventure.

The race starting line was in front of the San Diego Air & Space Museum, which was home to the Star Trek: The Exhibition


Photos and links:

How do we put these alien pictures in order?

Oh... These Mariana Islands!

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