Rocket Race 2008 Answers


Solutions to the clues of the 2008 Rocket Race

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The Star Trek Exhibition banners in front of the Air & Space Museum (or some good Star Trek knowledge) will help answer the first part of the clue: [Balboa Park Club].

Behind that spot is a cactus garden with little signs set up throughout the garden, each with an alien image and a letter or number snippet.

Of course, the other banners in front of the Air & Space Museum might help put things into proper order:

 Answer: [RICHMOND OVER 163]

At the site of Clue 2 was a large alien map that looked similar to a section of San Diego's highways, but used base fourteen to encode the route numbers. Page 2 of the clue contains a detailed portion of the map inset, where X marked the spot: [Stadium Golf Center]
Following the series of photos would lead to [a playground in Tierrasanta, where across a canyon, they could see the checkpoint. Reaching the canyon bluff required driving to Roadrunner Park and entering the canyon from the other side].
Answering the sci-fi trivia questions would spell out [SANDROCK & GREYLING]. At the shopping center located at this intersection, the eatery called [Winnie's Oriental Food & Western Steakburger] fit the Firefly theme - and provided a handy spot to eat lunch during the mandatory meal break.
 Rearranging the directions in this clue led to the [International House San Diego - Suite 2I in Old Town]
The overlay which fit on the Punto de los Muertos historical landmark (at Harbor Drive & Pacific Highway) provided some letters, sci-fi trivia provided other letters to spell [USS SAN DIEGO CL53, guiding racers to the USS San Diego memorial]
Using the information found at the site, the left column spells out [520 OCEAN]. The right column spells out  [Coronado]
At the beach location here, teams had to earn their clue by digging up aliens in the sand. If they recovered 5 aliens, they received a clue which sent them to [GRAND CAR+I+BE SHORELINE PARK].

 This photo clue could identify the finish line location as being at the [base of the Coronado Bridge in Tidelands Park].

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