Rocket Race 2010

San Diego Rocket Race 2010
Time Warp!

A pack of teams traveled in space and time in the 2010 San Diego Rocket Race! The theme for 2010 was Time Warp, so teams were prepared to visit the future, the past, and the alternate realities that never were.

The 2010 Rocket Race used a new format that allowed all the teams to reach the finish line by a deadline, allowing everyone to celebrate in their day's victory.

With the second half of the race being a photo scavenger hunt around town, teams were ranked by having the most locations photographed before reaching the finish line by the deadline.

Race Results:

Rank Team Name
# of Photos (out of 8)
Final Time
1 Deep Space Niners
8 5:21:40
2 The Brownjackets
8 5:37:30
8 6:16:44
4 Semi-Ludicrous Speed
5 Bazinga! and the Hong Kong Cavaliers
6 Team Smoke Monster
7 Intergalactic Oneness
8 Team T.A.R.D.I.S!
9 Team Zombie
10 Friends with Chickens
11  N64 the Win
12  Lampkin & Adama LP
13  Time Bandits
 5  Arrived after 5 PM cutoff time.

Final race time includes any time penalties for calling in to game control for hints.


Trying to solve the first clue... "X Marks the Spot?"

Clues coming soon!

Photos and Video:

The finish line

Check out plenty of photos from the starting line, Legacy Plaza, and the finish line from the official Rocket Race camera at Flickr...

More photos from teams:

Race details:

Saturday, November 13, 2010.
8:30 am - Registration
9:00 am - Race Start
Starting location:
Hourglass Field Community Park
10440 Black Mountain Road
(corner of Black Mountain Road and Gold Coast Drive in Mira Mesa)
San Diego, CA 92126

Race registration fee: $30 per team of 2, 3, or 4 members.

Changes to the Rocket Race:

This year's Rocket Race will have a slightly different format than in the past. The first half of the race will be like previous races: solve a clue that will lead you somewhere around San Diego, where you will pick up your next clue. After solving several clues and reaching the mandatory lunch break place, the game will change to a photo scavenger hunt. Teams will have until the end of the race day to find as many places in the photo scavenger hunt checklist as possible and reach the announced finish line before the deadline.

The winner will be determined as the team who has returned to the finish line, with having reached and photographed themselves at the most correct photo scavenger hunt locations, and reached the finish line in the shortest amount of time since the race start. 

Teams will need to provide their own digital camera or camera phone for the photo scavenger hunt portion of the race. Teams will also need to have a mobile phone that can receive text messages. Messaging will be used to alert teams to the lunch time location if they have not already reached it by a certain time. Any phone or messaging fees are the responsibility of the team.


To register, send an email to by the registration deadline (November 9, 2010) with the following info:
* Team Name
* Team Captain's Name with email address and mobile phone number.
* Other teammate's names (with optional email)
* If you are looking for a team to race with, or would like to invite other fans to be on your team, please so indicate.

All teams registered by the November 9, 2010 deadline will be confirmed as entered for the race. Additional team slots will be available for late registrants, but will be limited in number. To be sure to get a spot for your team, register by November 9.

We will send out confirmation of registration, as well as updates about the game. The race fee is due on race day prior to the beginning of the Rocket Race.


First place prize: $100.
Second place prize: $30.

What is the Rocket Race?

The San Diego Rocket Race is a day-long adventure race for teams of two to four players. Each team will be solving clues, which will lead them to another location in the San Diego area. When that location is reached, the next clue will be given to the team, leading them to the next location, until the midpoint of the race is reached. After the midpoint, the race turns into a timed photo scavenger hunt, with teams receiving a list of clues leading them to locations that they can reach in any order to photograph themselves at, before reaching the finish line.

Solving clues might require solving puzzles, using sci-fi trivia, or even visiting local landmarks for information. Teams are allowed to use any material at their disposal, including mobile phones and Internet-enabled gadgets, maps, flux capacitors, pens, pencils, crayons, TARDISes, mascots, 14.4 fax machine, sensible footwear and guidebooks. Teams are strongly encouraged to use have access to the Internet in their quest, either by having Internet-enabled devices on them, or having a friend at a computer that they can call. 

Each team needs a reliable vehicle for the race, with at least one licensed driver. The vehicle must have a seat belt for each teammate. Each team also needs at least one mobile phone that can receive text messages to allow the Rocket Race staff to contact the team if necessary. When traveling by vehicle, all team members must be in the same vehicle. For the photo scavenger hunt portion of the race, teams must provide their own digital camera or camera phone that has the ability to review photographs.

At the midpoint of the race, teams will be given a mandatory lunch stop at a location where different food options will be available. Teams are encouraged to bring money for lunch, and also carry their own snacks and drinks if desired.

How challenging will it be?

Some of the puzzles might range in difficulty, but once solved, they should give you a clear idea of where to go next. Because there are so many fields and franchises in science fiction, the trivia will most likely be at a basic level. There won't be any overly physically demanding activities like climbing, swimming or eating gross things. If you need help, you are always welcome to ask a stranger, talk to another team or phone a friend.

If your crew gets stumped, you can call in to the race organizers for help, but it might cost you a time penalty.Yes or no questions cost a 5 minute penalty. More detailed questions cost a 15 minute penalty.

Got any questions? 

Email us at


Help spread the word about San Diego Rocket Race:
If at least one member of your team marks themself as "I'm In" on our Yelp event listing before the registration deadline of November 9, your team earns a five minute bonus at lunch. Instead of having to wait the full hour for your mandatory lunch break, your team can leave with their clues five minutes early.

Also, RSVP on our Facebook page to stay in the loop - you never know when we might give a hint for the race!

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