Rocket Race Special Events

Unique events for your organization 


Can't wait for the next public Rocket Race? Want to bring the fun and excitement of Rocket Race to your friends, co-workers or fellow members of an organization?

Rocket Race now creates and coordinates exciting puzzle events for your organization - whether it be for a corporate team-building experience, or for a birthday party or bachelor party, or a social mixer at a conference. Let them loose around the city, or just in the area you specify.

We build our private events to meet your needs - developing puzzles based on your interests, areas of knowledge, and fitness levels. Our races and games can last anywhere from an hour to all day and we can host an event on its own, or part of a larger event. Hire us to bring our flavor of one-of-a-kind adventure races to your group!

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Our customers say:

"Hey San Diego Rocket Race!

On behalf of the entire M. Family, I would like to thank you for organizing our big Birthday Bash in February 2009! Everyone thought that the Photo Scavenger Hunt, personally arranged for our Birthday Celebration (four family members’ birthdays close together), was a unique, fun, and special way to spend the day.

You did an amazing job researching, planning, and organizing the Hunt in the San Diego Wild Animal Park for our family, and we got some amazing family photos to remember the day by.

I highly recommend San Diego Rocket Race to anyone who is looking for an exciting, uncommon way to celebrate a family occasion. There were even families at the Wild Animal Park who saw our clue sheets and the photos we took, and arranged their families to take similar pictures: for example, one of the clues took us to the flamingos and had everyone in the group pose like the birds. Great family photo of all the nieces and nephews!

Thanks so much again for your tremendously fun event, planned especially for our family!

Diana M."


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