Supercolossal Fan Race 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008 - Downtown San Diego 


The starting line is here!

San Diego Convention Center - south end
111 W. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101



Race Canceled!

San Diego Rocket Race was saddened to report that the Supercolossal Fan Race 2008 was canceled due to really low turnout. Comic-Con may be too busy a time to have to have this sort of event - or that a $200 prize is not enough to draw the crowds.

About the Race

Adding to the craziness that hits San Diego during Comic-Con International, Rocket Race presents:


July 24, 2008 - 7 pm

Starting line: "Coming Together" sculpture at the south end of the San Diego Convention Center

Grand Prize: $200

Entrance fee: $20 per team

Dynamic duos will get a chance to put their geekiness to the ultimate test as they race on foot around downtown San Diego. Encompassing more than just the sci-fi nerdiness of our San Diego Rocket Race, we're pulling from all the depths of fandom: comics, movies, fantasy, gaming, and more. If it's popular and geeky, we might just throw it at you.

Since driving downtown during Comic-Con is just plain stupid, the Supercolossal Fan Race is on foot only (no pedicabs, bikes, rollerblades). Teams of two need to stick together as they solve clues and find the next checkpoint. Comic-Con registration is not required. The race should be able to be completed by 9 PM.


  1. Teams of two people may only travel on foot - no bicycles, cars, buses, trolleys, inline skates, llamas, etc.
  2. To receive a clue at a checkpoint location, both team members must be present.
  3. At the start of the race, each team will receive a race passport. Some checkpoint locations will stamp the passport as the clue is picked up. To have successfully completed the race, you must have all the given passport stamps and reach the finish line.
  4. Teams may use any resources at their disposal to assist them in solving the clues, including cell phones, PDAs, maps, flashlights, other teams, etc.
  5. Harassing other teams or race officials is prohibited.
  6. Teams are responsible for obeying any and all laws and regulations, including traffic laws.
  7. The top prize of $200 will be awarded to the team that has successfully completed the race in the fastest time.
  8. Decisions of the race officials is final. In case race is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, no refunds will be given.


  1. Teams should bring a pen or pencil - most of the clues may involve writing.
  2. Teams should dress comfortably for walking or running around an urban area in the evening - while costumes are encouraged, keep in mind your feet!
  3. Unfamiliar with downtown San Diego? No problem - at the start of the race, each team will get a map of the area to help guide you to local landmarks.

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