UC Photo Race 2011 Results

Congrats to everyone who came out to play in the fourth annual UC Celebration Photo Race held at University City Celebration on July 4!

UC Photo Race 2011 - Start
UC Photo Race 2011 was held on July 4, 2011 as part of UC Celebration, the annual University City festival on Independence Day. UC Celebration Photo Race was a photo scavenger hunt on foot around the San Diego neighborhood of University City.

Twenty-three teams of 2 to 6 competed in this free race for some cool prizes, including a bowling party, iTunes gift cards and passes to the Birch Aquarium. Thirteen teams got all ten checkpoints correct!

The finishers:

Team Awesome
  1. Team Awesome (Jacob, Joshua, Kyle, Ben) - 34:55
  2. UC All Stars (Scott, Aiden, Skip, Adam) - 44:50
  3. R U Jelly (Or, Ziv) - 46:20
  4. Wolfpack (Ian, Sanghoon, Gordon) - 46:30
  5. Hom (Greg, Jenna) - 48:40
  6. T Squared (Katrina, Tish) - 59:24
  7. Team van Daelen (Nick, Ton, Kees, Hilde) - 1:12:10
  8. Killer Bunnies (Rogue, Caitlin) - 1:14:45
  9. Braggers (Margie, Chandler, Kerry, Thomas) - 1:18:30
  10. Real (Jacob, Jack, Grant, Nick) - 1:20:00 (with a late start!)
  11. Ecoblasters (Mark, Linda) - 1:23:00
  12. Boo Bears Plus (Deb, Makena, Shanon, Stephanie, Monica, Christina) 1:26:00
  13. MacOlsen (Jonas, Callan, Laird) - 1:35:00
  14. George (Jeff, Maria, Micayla, Ethan) - 8/10 right in 50:50
  15. 3 Musketeers (Inese, JR, Madison) - 8/10 right in 1:10:50
  16. Ghost Runners (Emily, Amanda) - 8/10 right in 1:32:00
  17. Balloon People (Catie, Sara) - 7/10 right in 45:00
  18. Lehmann's (Michael, Bradford, Timothy, Laura) - 7/10 right in 1:03:20
Also racing:
  • The Raptors (Hezekiah, Ezekiel, Booker, Xavier)
  • The Stupidos (Liam, Ryan, Mo, Don)
  • Zulus (Emma, Mekhi, Skye, Olushola)
  • Fireballs (Allen, Aiden)
  • Beast (Jacob, Tomas, Jason, Justin)

The clues:

The 2011 race had ten clues, several leading to fixed locations in University City and two requiring finding people in different apparel. The answers to each clue can be found in the brackets after each clue, simply highlight the text to read.

Smiling Lady
Clue 1:
Have you seen the self-assured woman to the right? Find her sculpted likeness somewhere west of Scripps Street. [Corner sign for Our Mother of Confidence Catholic Church, 3131 Governor Drive]

Clue 2: Pluto's just a dog on the back? Find the quote "Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known" on a utility box east of Genesee. [Astronomy-themed utility box in parking lot of Curie Elementary School, 4080 Governor Drive]

Clue 3: This one is easy for you. Find a street sign a block from Governor where the avenue has the same name as the place. Difficulty: there is more than one, so find the cowboy hat. [Corner of Stetson Avenue and Stetson Place]

Clue 4: Keep hunting! Find a vendor of volumes whose name is {The opposite of bad} + {comes before Ferrell, Smith or '& Grace'}. [Goodwill Bookstore, 4023 Governor Drive]

Clue 5: Honestly, to find this vendor, you'll have to unscramble the name:
 [Round Table Pizza, 3250 Governor Drive]

Clue 6: People in uniform are all around the park. Get your team picture with one. Any uniform will do, just make sure you ask for permission first! [Any person in a work, sports, or organizational uniform]

Clue 7: Fit your entire team on a playground slide for this picture! [Team must be on any playground slide]

Clue 8: The opposite of truth + straw, boysen, or rasp. Find the sign that tells you when you can come and go through this public building's doors. [University City Community Library - sign for hours of operation, 4155 Governor Drive]

Clue 9: Which of these movies did not have their opening weekend over the Fourth of July?
 If the answer is...
 Go to the utility box near Governor and Regents with...
 Transformers A panda
 Independence Day
 A clownfish
 Spider-Man A cat under the table
 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
 Clotheslines with laundry
[Utility box with artwork showing a cat under a table. Spider-Man opened over a Memorial Day weekend]

Clue 10: Go Padres! Go Bolts! Go Gulls! Get a picture with apparel from any local sports team.
[Any person wearing local sports team apparel]
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