UC Photo Race 2013

Congrats to everyone who came out to play in the sixth annual UC Celebration Photo Race held at University City Celebration on July 4!

UC Photo Race 2013 was held on July 4, 2013 as part of UC Celebration, the 25th annual University City festival on Independence Day. UC Celebration Photo Race is a photo scavenger hunt on foot around the San Diego neighborhood of University City. 

Sixteen teams of 2 to 4 competed in this free race for some cool prizes, including a passes to AMC Movie Theater passes, iTunes gift cards, and Chargers swag. Eleven teams got all ten checkpoints correct!

The finishers:

We're developing a bit of a local dynasty here with some of the top teams managing to place in the top three year after year! 
  1. U C G T (Ziv, Jimmy) - 40:38
  2. UC All Stars (Skip, Adam, Aiden, Scott) - 48:44
  3. Ninja Chickens that eat flying pigs for lunch (Ian, Nick, Justin) - 54:58
  4. Crazy Pandas (Madeleine, Diane, Dave) - 58:24
  5. Mimi Kiwi (Mieke, Kimmi, Mink, Wich) - 1:06:20
  6. Puppy Love (Courtnee, MaryBeth, Jan, Cameron) - 1:09:48
  7. I Don't Know (Greg, Jenna) - 1:23:28
  8. Yoshes (David, Emma) - 1:26:30
  9. T Cubed (Tish, Katrina, Torger) - 1:41:00
  10. UC Champs (Diana, Jack, David, Patric, Henry) - 9/10 right in 52:13
  11. The Bacon Ninjas (Robyn, Janet, Catherine) - 9/10 right in 1:32:27
Also racing:
  • Team: Rodger (AJ, Dylan, Jacob, Tomas)
  • The Gerkins (Sarah, Gianna, Hagar, Ericka)
  • Marsh Family (The Marsh family)
  • Pandas (Zoe, Jian)
  • Pedobears (Colton, Keeg, Steven, Jared)

The clues:

The 2013 race had ten clues, several leading to fixed locations in University City and one requiring finding a particular item that could be found in many places. The answers to each clue can be found in the brackets after each clue, simply highlight the text to read.

Clue 1: Just beyond the 76 station, find a depiction of a famous statue that is particularly appropriate for today and photograph yourself with it.

Answer:[Statue of Liberty logo for Liberty Tax, 3959 Governor Drive]

Clue 2: On a sidewalk you'll find a warning - a blue fowl with demands. Get one foot from each team member in the picture with him!

Answer:["No dumping - I live downstream" duck gutter stencil - Governor Drive near Standley Park and Swanson Pool]

Clue 3: Can you hear me now? Outside a building with the most volumes, take a picture with a tree whose cellular structure is shown on a coverage map, not under a microscope.

Answer:[Verizon cell tower disguised as tree, outside parking lot entrance to University Community Library]

Clue 4: Find a zip code on the side of a government building that should know a thing or two about them.

Answer:[United States Post Office, 3298 Governor Drive]

Clue 5: Here is some prose to consider while standing in one of the local shopping centers.

'Round Distant Islands, Skippers Hailed Medusa's Beauty

Something is amiss - get your team photo at the location that doesn't fit the pattern.

Answer:[Postal Annex+, 3268 Governor Drive (If "Round" is the sign for Round Table, and "Beauty" is the sign for Beauty Kliniek, then each sign in between starts with the underlined letters above, in order - except for the sign for Postal Annex+ (where Islands is)]

Clue 6: What happens when two Canadian cities collide? Find out, and capture your team there!

Answer:[intersection of Edmonton Ave and Calgary Ave ]

Clue 7: Pack your team together and get a picture with all the members inside a blue circle on a green court. You'll find one not far from the starting line.

Answer:[Basketball court behind Standley Rec Center]

Clue 8: Can you locate a giraffe? The one we need you to find is on the opposite side of a panda out towards Regents.

Answer:[Utility box with land mammals, northeast corner of Governor and Regents]

Clue 9: Find the door with these two names with exigent care: [Rodent used in Kia commercials - the chemical symbol for the first element on the periodic table] & [conqueror tutored by Aristotle, portrayed by Clive Owen]

Answer:[Partners Urgent Care (Dr. Amster & Dr. Alexander), 4085 Governor Drive]

Clue 10: Summer is a good time to eat fresh fruit outdoors. Get a pic with your team and some type of fruit. Everyone must be outside!

Answer:[any fruit outdoors (such as melon displays at the markets)]

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