UC Photo Race 2009 answers

So what does it mean and where is it?

Here are the answers to the clues for the 2009 University City Photo Race.

Download the Clue Sheet here!

Clue 1: It's child's play to find this clue - just show us a winning game with the Standley Park playground tic-tac-toe board.

Answer: Tic-tac-toe board on the playground equipment behind Standley Rec Center.

Clue 2: At the UC Little League ballfield #1, there is a bench dedicated to Pat Preston that has this quote:  "It matters now how long you live ..."

If the quote ends with "but how well", pose with the HOME sign and dugout at Jim Carl Field. If the quote ends with "but how you play the game", pose with the VISITORS sign instead.

Answer: The Pat Preston bench at the UC Little League ballfield east of Swanson Pool has a quote that ends "but how well", so the answer is the HOME sign at Jim Carl Field.

Clue 3: The Indianapolis NFL team shares its mascot with this UC school named for a scientist. Get a picture with this animal on the school sign or wall.

 Answer: Curie Elementary School - Colts picture on school wall or on sign.

Clue 4: You must be shorter than nine feet tall to get a happy star or a six dollar burger. Show us that you fit under the height limit outside this restaurant.

Answer: The vehicle height limit bar next to the drive through at Carl's Jr. at Governor & Agee.

Clue 5: Checkpoint 5 is the storefront of a University City business. Their frozen treats are available next to Lorna's. Get your team's picture taken under the sign.

Answer: Forbidden Yogurt, at the VONS shopping center, next to Lorna's Italian Kitchen.

Clue 6: Near Radcliffe Drive, find the building with this: (picture of Hebrew lettering)

Answer: Chabad Center of University City, Governor & Radcliffe.

Clue 7: This one word appears on the side of a house on Governor Drive and is also the title of a famous John Lennon song.

Answer: "Imagine", found on a house at the corner of Governor & Mercer.

Clue 8: Read the back of one of the Cushman & Wakefield signs at the Marketplace in University City to learn how to find Checkpoint 8.

Sign: Rearrange these letters to form the two-word name of a vendor in this shopping center: RACE TRAIL GREW

Answer: Glacier Water (Vending Machines next to Henry's Market)

Clue 9: BTW, you'll w00t if you get this checkpoint west of Regents Road if you are hungry and think in Internet slang for "Oh, really?'s"

Answer: Orly's Cafe and Bakery, NW corner of Governor & Regents.

Clue 10: Showing off the colors for Independence Day - Take a photo with anyone prominently wearing red, white, and blue!

Answer: anyone wearing red, white, and blue!

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