UC Photo Race 2010

Congrats to everyone who came out to play in the third annual UC Celebration Photo Race held at University City Celebration on July 4!

The third annual UC Photo Race was held on July 4, 2010 as part of UC Celebration, the annual University City festival on Independence Day. UC Celebration Photo Race was a photo scavenger hunt on foot around the San Diego neighborhood of University City.

Fourteen teams of 2 to 5 competed in this free race for some cool prizes.

Here are the top finishers, who got all ten clues correct:

  1. Mudkipz (Or and Ziv) - 43:05.
  2. Team Name (Rogue and Caitlin) - 56:51.
  3. T Squared (Katrina and Tish) - 57:15.
  4. Van Daelen Family (Ton, Hilde, Keej, Nick, and Mieke) - 59:30
  5. Thygerson (Karen, Lyla, Darlene) - 59:39
  6. Boobears (Deb, Makena, Shanon) - 1:03:00
5 other teams made a valiant effort, returning with 7 to 9 of the answers
correct before the deadline, and earned participation prizes:

 The Angels (Kelvin, Sam, Nick & Brandon)9/101:17:00
 Nagel (Penelope, Seraphim, Peter & Kessa)
 Team Funnel Cake (Nia, Cassie, & Jessica)
 Team Victory! (Harden & Arthur)
 Purple Picture People (Bailey, Hannah, and Lizzy)

The other teams that participated included:
  • DFTBA (Bev and Sally)
  • Cookie Monsters (Gabe, Stephanie, Ethan and Brielle)
  • We got to get a husselin (Anya and David)
The UC Celebration Photo Race had ten clues that led to locations along Governor Drive. The trickiest clues included confusion over finding an academy for learning the national sport of South Korea, or figuring out which Founding Father did not sign the Declaration of Independence, a copy of which we had displayed at the start of the race.

Here are the clues from the 2010 UC Celebration Photo Race:

The clue answer is hidden in white text in brackets after each clue. Select the text to highlight and reveal each answer.

Clue 1: At Fort Field, there are some sponsor banners up - photograph yourselves with the one belonging to a pizza place.
[Banner for Joe's Pizza at Fort Field, west of the rec center]

Clue 2: Get your kicks at this academy for learning the national sport of South Korea. Show off your high kick outside this establishment for Checkpoint 2.
[Kyung Hee Tae Kwon Do Academy, 3979 Governor Drive (next to Vons)]

Clue 3: The world is mine! Find an image of the world near the intersection of Governor and Genesee.
[World Gas Station, Northeast corner of Governor and Genesee]

Clue 4: At this new establishment near Starbucks, you can get a Philadelphia, a Crazy Boy, a Caterpillar, a Miami Vice or some Yaki Udon. Get a photo with it for Checkpoint 4.
[Matsugawa Sushi, 3324 Governor Drive (Henry's Shopping Center)]

Clue 5: Diedrich was the middle name of this San Diegan who once owned the Hotel Del Coronado, Belmont Park, the Union-Tribune and the streetcar system. Find a sign that has his first name, middle initial and last name.
[main building sign for John D. Spreckels Elementary School, Governor and Stadium]

Clue 6: Which of the following did not sign the Declaration of Independence?
 If it was...
 Go to the corner (with the sign) of...
 Josiah Bartlett
 Eton and Eton
 Button Gwinnett
 Stetson and Stetson
 James Madison
 Scripps and Scripps
[Intersection of Scripps Street and Scripps Way]

Clue 7: Unscramble this word jumble ( I-G-R-I-T-N-E-W-S ) to spell something in Standley Park. At least one person has to be sitting on this for the photo to count!
[Tire swing, playground at Standley Park]

Clue 8: This pet grooming place near Regents has a two word name, with each word starting with a vowel. Find it for Checkpoint 8.
[Animal Attraction, 6108 Regents Road]

Clue 9:
I choose you, Pikachu. Find the image of this yellow Pokémon somewhere at University Square shopping center.
[In front window of Little Artists, 4037 Governor Drive]

Clue 10: Take a photo with your team posing with anyone on a bicycle.
[Anyone on a bicycle]

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