UC Photo Race answers

Here are the clues and solutions for the 2008 University City Photo Race:

  1. Find the mailboxes in front of the University City post office. Check the final pick-up time for a regular Friday:
    If it is at 3 PM, then checkpoint 1 is Postal Annex+.
    If it is at 4 PM, then checkpoint 1 is the California Coast ATM.
    If it is at 5 PM, then checkpoint 1 is the Bank of America ATM.
    If it is at 6 PM, then checkpoint 1 is the sign for “The Marketplace”.

    Answer: Bank of America ATM, at the Marketplace shopping center

  2. It isn’t bonus time, but this UC business will try to make
    you look your best. Have you seen this sign before?
    Unscramble these letters to find the name: NIKLIKE

    Answer:Beauty KLINIEK Day Spa and Salon, at the Marketplace shopping center

  3. Find a large symbol that resembles the yin-yang, the symbol of Taoism, near Regents &

    Answer: front window of the Animal Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Center
    (Northwest corner of Regents and Governor)

  4. Just east of Fort Field you will find this Glyph:

    Answer: Logo on the University City Racquet Club (at Standley Park) - turned sideways.

  5. He was an admiral and ambassador to the Soviet Union, but most UC residents are more familiar with the school that is named for him. Take a picture with the sign that lists his middle initial, “H”.

    The K+S Walkers at Checkpoint 5!

    Answer: Main sign for William H. Standley Middle School (at Governor & Radcliffe).

  6. There is a place of many books nearby – but to use their services, you have to give them back. Checkpoint 6 is the drop-off point in the back.

    Answer: University Community Library, 4155 Governor Drive

  7. Checkpoint 7 is the storefront of a University City business. Their frozen treats are
    available next to Lorna’s. Get your team’s picture taken under the sign.

    Answer: UC's Sweet Spot, 3924 Governor Drive

  8. A mythical creature graces the wall of an establishment near Governor & Genesee. Catch the winged horse on film for checkpoint 8.

    Answer: Winged horse logo on side of Mobil station (Governor & Genesee)

  9. There are many pets in the University City area. Find a nice non-human animal, ask its
    owner for permission, and you’ll have what you need for checkpoint 9.

    Answer: any pet animal in University City. (Nearly everyone managed to find a dog!)

  10. What’s more fitting for Independence Day than the Stars and Stripes? Take a photo with the Star-Spangled Banner anywhere in University City!

    Answer: any American flag in University City

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