University City Photo Race

July 4, 2008 - UC Celebration 

The first University City Photo Race was a hit!

The UC Photo Race was held as part of the 20th anniversary UC Celebration at Standley Park & Rec Center in the San Diego neighborhood of University City on the 4th of July, 2008. The race started at high noon in front of the main stage at the neighborhood festival, with on-site registration going all morning. The race got off to an auspicious start as the reviewing of the rules was interrupted by a fire in the canyon right behind the park. But the teams weren't distracted by the commotion and solved the clues that led them around University City.

The clues are available for download here! (and the answers are here!

Teams provided each other with a lot of competition - there was some friendly rivalry as well as the chance to win some great prizes donated by the UC Celebration. While Team Sexy had a great finish time, nearly winning in a half-hour, second and third place were less than a minute apart from each other, and 4th through 6th place were not too far behind! The top place team took home a Round Table dinner for four and some UC Celebration hats, while second and third place got some UC Celebration apparel.

The results (and finishing times in minutes)

Here are the teams that got all ten photos correct and thus finished the race!

  1. Team Sexy (plus some guy in a weird hat) - Hannah, Jay, and Nick - 31:06
  2. JKM Productions - Jake and Joshua - 36:01
  3. Purple Ninja Pickles - Nina, Or, Alec, and Christy - 36:44
  4. Team Gafford - Jemma and Grant - 44:05
  5. Captain Bear Lover and the Bearettes - Elizabeth, Snigdha, Casey and a bear - 45:11
  6. Team Blobby - 46:17
  7. Banks - 48:32 
  8. The Dudelies - 52:02
  9. Timmy and the Lords of Kobold - 52:30
  10. K+S - 54:12
  11. The Gillan Family - 62:34
  12. Team Nagel - 68:58
  13. T-sa's - 80:00
And here's the results of the other teams:
  • Team Sexy-er - 46:27 (got 9/10 clues!)
  • Frankie - 51:15 (got 9/10 clues!)
  • Diaper Babys - 61:26 (got 10/10 clues, but were busted for using bikes!)
  • The Stars - 83:04 (got 9/10 clues!)
  • Copen Hagan - DNF
  • The Buzzards - DNF
  • The Runs - DNF
  • Team Thomas - DNF


Teams help each other out by taking photos at a checkpoint location.

This team relies on some neighborly residents to take a photo with the American flag, which was checkpoint 10.

Can you take our photo with this winged horse?

"Team Sexy (plus some guy in a weird hat)" receives their first place prize!

Race Description

Round up your family or friends, and bring your own digital camera or camera phone for a clue-solving adventure. Teams of two or more will be traveling on foot around University City as they compete for fun and prizes.

How a photo scavenger hunt race works:

At the start of the race, each team will receive a sheet containing several clues. Each clue, when solved, will reveal a place in University City. Team members will travel to that place and clearly photograph their entire team at that location, then move onto the next location. Traveling may only be done on foot or on the UC Celebration trolley - no bicycles, scooters, motor vehicles, etc. Clue locations can be photographed in any order.

At the finish line, race staff will review the photos on the team's camera for correctness. The team that returns to the finish line with photos of themselves at each correct location in the shortest amount of time will be the winner!

Race admission is free, but there may be a limit to the number of teams allowed. Teams must have two or more members. Children can participate so long as they have parental permission.

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