Wizard's Quest

ConDor (one of San Diego's local science fiction/fantasy conventions) 

The first ever ConDor puzzle race, Wizard's Quest, was a magical
blast! Four teams crossed the finish line in this challenge of wits,
speed, and luck – all within a half hour of each other. Teams had fun
racing around the Handlery Resort on a quest to retrieve the Wand of
MacGuffin, deciphering clues that would lead them to their next
checkpoint. Race organizers James and Dan threw a demonic slew of
difficult clues at the racers, requiring teams to know Tolkienish
rhymes, unscramble ancient runes, remember their Hollywood witches and
warlocks, and even find room 161½!

The winning four teams are:
1st place: "Un-l33t-ey Cort" (Alan & Alan)
2nd place: "Two in Skirts" (Colleen & Ben)
3rd place: "The Hey You's" (Alexia & Rachael)
4th place: "The Them" (Jessie & Cat)

Finding the Wand of MacGuffin was no easy trick – racers had to divine
incantations that might summon a mystical creature, and reach the end
of the world. Still, they all survived their perilous journey and
returned to celebrate their victory of a quest completed in under
three hours. Wizard's Quest organizers Dan and James hope that all
participants enjoyed the race and hope to see more intrepid racers in
next year's challenge or in the fall, for the annual San Diego Rocket

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